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About InSightful Visions

Our Philosophy

InSightful Visions Corporation was born from a vision and a dream for all that could be in the optical industry, its goal, to create an umbrella in which independent practitioners in eye care could work together in unified service. Our collective group of experienced multi-disciplinary service providers has utilized the guidelines from our professional and medical standard acts to support us in creating our own individual approach to informative care.

Strengthened by the latest technology in diagnostics and manufacturing instruments, complemented by each other in our own areas of expertise and supported by our staff of professionals in training. We are a growing team who invest two hours weekly in education and mentoring to ensure we remain focused in addressing specific needs and concerns on a one to one basis to assure the highest level of personalized care possible.

Our ethics and integrity are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services and a two-year warranty on our products, with an additional commitment to using limited editions in frame styles to provide that individual look with premium quality products at a value price.

About You

You are a
Client : a person or group that uses the professional advice or services
Customer : a person who purchases goods or services from another.
Patient : a person who is under medical care or treatment

You come for service, in all of these capacities
You are who whom,  InSightful Visions was created
You are why, we are